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June 17th, 2006 Meeting
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Alamo Area Boxer Club

What happened?  Couldn't make it?  Well, now you can still find out what went on!
Meeting started at 7:00pm.
Agenda discussed:
1. New Club Name.  Voted unanimously for The South Texas Boxer Club.
2. Elected chairs and temp officers.
-Sarah DeLeon elected Chairman.  Dottie Heiligman elected Asst. Chairman.  Kim Raymond eleceted Historian.  Several positions are still available!  Sarah has volunteered to help in other areas until new officials can be elected.
3. New meeting dates are set-  check the home page for these.  We have elected that meetings be held once a month until membership is up.  Every third Thursday was decided to be the easiest day to work around.  The next meeting was tentatively set to be held at the Fuddruckers Rest. on 410 & Culebra in San Antonio on July 20th at 6:30pm.  If the location is unavailable, members will be notified and the website will be updated- so check back.
4. Set agenda for next meeting.  Touched on Code of ethics, club constitution, and bylaws.
5. Briefly discussed presentation that the club must make to the AKC and ABC and the importance of picture taking, note taking, etc.  Members were told about the "New Club Profile" sheet and the check off list for AKC status approval.
6. Discussed the need to hold 2 fun matches for approval status- also discussed goals for having these. first goal- 15 members in order to hold our first fun match- 20 members to hold our second.
7. Discussed the idea of having "dues" in the form of a donation to a local area boxer rescue.
8. Logo contest was introduced.  Prize to be a gift certificate to Petco in an amount that will later be disclosed ($10-20.00 max) Sheets were handed out with contest rules- please contact us if you are interested in participating!
Meeting adjourned at 8:00pm.
See ya'll next time!