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July 13th, 2006 Meeting Minutes
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Alamo Area Boxer Club

Meeting started at 7:00pm.
Agenda discussed:
1. Logo contest will be extended until name approval by AKC is official.  The prize will be a $20 gift certificate to Petco.
2. Three names for the club were decided on by founding members to be submitted for approval by AKC.  They are listed in order of preference: 1) Alamo Area Boxer Club
2) Heart of Texas Boxer Club
3) San Antonio Boxer Club
3. Elected Chairs and Temporary Officers were voted on:
Chairman- Sarah Martinez  
Asst. Chairman- Dottie Heiligman
2nd Asst. Chairman & Treasurer- Daniel Still
Secretary- Wendy Still
Historian- Kim Raymond
AKC Liaison and Presentation Chair- Teresa Trevino
Activities Chair- Ashley Risner
4. Discussion was held about the "New Club Profile" sheet and the AKC presentation for the club.  This included possible Boxer educational events and fun matches.  Discussed number of fun matches needed (two).  What is a fun match exactly? -Ashley and Teresa are looking into this (call local obedience schools - Rob Cary and Ero Dog).  What types of fun matches can we have (conformation, obedience, agility)?
5. We selected a committee to write the club's Constitution and Bylaws for presentation to membership for next month's meeting (Sarah Martinez, Dottie Heiligman, and Daniel Still).
6. Voted on when meetings should be:  2nd Monday night of each month (7pm).
7. Discussed where to have our meetings.  Ideas were:
         1) Restraunt with meeting room
         2) Community Center
         3) Member's Home
Ashley Risner will look into some meeting places which will not cost us to use.
8. Discussed club dues and non-profit status.  Dan Still will look into this.
9. We want a copy of Constitution and Bylaws to go out to members one week before meeting.  Then these will be voted on by membership at meeting.
10. Discussed ways of having a membership drive.  Decided to wait on that until the club was more established.  Our core members need to work on AKC presentation first, before club starts to grow. 
Meeting adjourned at 8:35pm. 

July '06 meeting!

Top Row:  Sally Tripp, Dan Still, Ashley Risner, Dottie Heiligman, Sarah DeLeon.
Bottom Row: Wendy Still, Teresa Trevino with a special Jr. member!
Not shown but in attendance:  
Kim Raymond, our Historian, was taking the picture!!

A note from the Chairman-
Hi everyone!  I am sooooo excited by the turnout for our second meeting!  We had a blast and we got a LOT done.  We have several things on the agenda already for the next meeting and we are hoping to have an even bigger turnout!!!
Please check the home page to see where the meeting will be held- if you need help with this please email us and we can send directions and let you know how to help!!! 
Thanks for everyone's continued support and well-wishes!